iNform Athletic Development exists to help YOU, the athlete, and YOU, the coach, maximise performance through advice and services related to performance management, testing, athletic movement development, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and recovery strategies.

Who is in your corner? What support network allows you to succeed??

Working for over a decade with athletes at all levels of competition, from aspiring state and division level to Olympic and World champion athletes, has shown us that one of the key factors affecting your capacity to achieve and maintain top performance is having the right support network around you.

This is obviously no secret, as the world’s most successful sporting programs rely on such a network, which includes coaches, biomechanists, exercise/sports physiology, psychology, dietetics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, podiatry, chiropractic, massage, etc. (not to mention agents, sponsors and others!).

Now, let me clarify, by a network I don’t mean that you see a bunch of people and they all apply their craft on/to you according to their own diagnosis and treatment plan… A network operates as a single entity, where collaboration determines the treatment and action plan, with you the athlete at the centre!

Obviously very few people have access to such a network, mostly due to the selection process to access institutes such as the Sports Institutes. But also because outside of that environment, and the public health system, health professionals don’t tend to have it as a point of priority to work with others. Now, there are obviously exceptions, and if you know them, stick with them!!

However, if you feel that any part of your game could use some extra support, then give me a call so we can make sure you are equipped to perform at your best!