Agility & First Step quickness


Have you experienced that WOW moment when you see someone move extremely fast to avoid a tackle or evade another player in a court or field sports? Or that tennis player that just seems to get to every ball??

These athletes are not necessarily the fastest straight line runners. Rather, they know how to accelerate in different directions, and change direction extremely quickly and effectively.

The ability to turn on a dime like this is dependent on two key, and trainable components: your capacity and your skill to move in this way.

Your ‘capacity’ refers to your body’s ability to absorb forces well, and return those forces into the ground powerfully. In essence, do you have the strength and stability in your hips and trunk to explode in different directions without buckling?

‘Skill’ refers to the way in which you use your body to achieve the most efficient and effective movement.

iNform Athletic Development has spent over a decade developing these two components, capacity and skill, in dozens of athletes across many sports. Lets chat to help you get across that court in record time!