Performance Management

All successful teams need a manager. This is not the leader of the team, as this is most often the role of the coach (or parents in many instances). The manager ensures that that the operations of the team are being applied in a coordinated and efficient manner to ensure the most successful outcome.

For an athlete and coach, a performance manager can help ensure that ‘operations’ and ‘departments’ such as nutrition, recovery, testing and assessments, travel strategies, and health and medical treatments are effective, well co-ordinated and timely. As the name implies, it is about all the factors that contribute to your best performance being present and optimised.

If you are a self-coached athlete then a performance manager can be a great sounding board and support when making all those decisions that need to be made, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks!

Either way, your need for a performance manager could range from just one session (a Performance Needs assessment (hyperlinked)) to get some basic ideas about your current needs and strategies, or more regular support as your sporting career progresses and develops.