How injury impacts the way we move

Over the last ten years or so, we have seen a massive shift in the way we assess individuals (from athletic backgrounds or otherwise) in regards to both their risk of injury and their capacity for physical performance. Traditionally we have opted for isolated muscle and joint testing, looking at the strength of individual muscles […]

Real life stability training

Real life stability training When most people think of stability based training, their minds automatically jump to bosu balls, half foam rollers, and rubber mats. While these tools may have merit in rehabilitation and very low grade exercise settings, they aren’t really the most effective way to improve stability from a sports performance (or real […]

Using offset loading to improve athleticism

In what feels like a never ending journey to find the best ways to build, strong, powerful, and agile athletes, we often seek out new training techniques to optimise the results of our training. Now a bit of a disclaimer: I am firm believer that the basics will get you almost all of the way. […]

Split Squat Technique – Are you performing them Correctly

Split squats are a fantastic exercise. But what if i said that you might be performing them incorrectly?. It’s pretty fair to say I have a bit of a love hate relationship with split squats and their variations. I love them because they are a fantastic way to develop single leg stability, strength and power […]

Correct Core Training – How to Build a Strong Core!

The holy grail of the mainstream health and fitness industry is the ‘6 pack’. Every man and his dog wants a 6 pack. Take a step into a commercial gym anywhere in the world and have a good look around. It is pretty typical to see people performing crunches in every corner of the gym. People doing […]

Single Leg Training. A Surefire Way to Improve Performance.

Squats and deadlifts are fantastic exercises. They are fundamental motor patterns, they have the capacity increase strength and lean muscle mass, they have the potential to improve negative postural deviations, all while improving our overall athleticism! Despite that, I do feel that we can occasionally fall into a bit of a cycle where we become a little one […]