Hip extension during squats and deadlifts: How much is too much?

We know that when it comes to producing the strength and power necessary for successful athletic performance, the glutes are absolutely essential. They produce the rapid extension at the hip that is essential for a HUGE array of athletic movements (and tasks of daily living, while we are discussing their importance), while also providing a […]

Real life stability training

Real life stability training When most people think of stability based training, their minds automatically jump to bosu balls, half foam rollers, and rubber mats. While these tools may have merit in rehabilitation and very low grade exercise settings, they aren’t really the most effective way to improve stability from a sports performance (or real […]

Why females shouldn’t fear heavy weights: The myth of female specific training

Misinformation runs rampant within the health and fitness industry. While it is not ideal, it is unfortunately an unyielding truth that we have to come with terms with. Here at iNform we take the time to educate our clients, ensuring that they completely understand what they are doing, and for what reason. Often part of […]

Cardiovascular exercise for the strength athlete: A key to improving performance

Cardiovascular exercise has copped a huge amount of flack in recent years, with various gym crowds suggesting that participating in too much aerobic activity (or often any at all) is a sure fire way to lose all of your hard earned gains (ultimately reducing your capacity to build muscle and develop strength). The result has […]

Low Bar VS High Bar Squatting – Whats the Difference?

Within the health and fitness industry there are a few truths that are (in my humble opinion) undeniable. 1)      To promote fat loss, you need to maintain a weekly energy deficit. 2)      To improve performance, you need to train for strength and power. 3)      Strong and active glutes are integral to the health of the […]

Front Squat Your Way to Improved Athletic Performance!

As an exercise, the front squat is heavily overshadowed by the barbell back squat. It is considered a ‘regression’ in certain circles, where it is used as a mere stepping stone allowing you to move towards a full back squat. Ultimately, the front squat does not get the love that it truly deserves. That’s why […]

Sprinting for strength, power, athleticism, and fat loss

It doesn’t matter if you are a high level athlete, a weekend warrior or completely new to the gym. Sprinting should be a key component of your training program. Not only is sprint speed a very important factor for athletic success, the act of sprinting can help promote fat loss, increase our strength, and improve our overall […]

Split Squat Technique – Are you performing them Correctly

Split squats are a fantastic exercise. But what if i said that you might be performing them incorrectly?. It’s pretty fair to say I have a bit of a love hate relationship with split squats and their variations. I love them because they are a fantastic way to develop single leg stability, strength and power […]

Using eccentric training to improve strength and athletic performance

The eccentric portion of an exercise often goes unnoticed. We focus so heavily on improving our numbers in the gym we get a little TOO focused on the concentric component. And don’t get me wrong, the ability to produce force concentrically is incredibly important. That concentric strength allow us to produce force rapidly in a […]

Increase your performance with full body training!

Full body workouts are with out a doubt the most time efficient way of training, no question! If you’reschedule limits you to 2-3 three training sessions per week, then full body sessions are your answer. But then, even if you’re not limited by time, they can be a seriously efficient and effective way of training. It can improve […]