Leah Daw

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2013 Year High rankings

WTA Singles Ranking: 1148 (23/9/2013)

WTA Doubles Ranking: 548 (9/9/2013)

South Australian ranking: 1 (October 2013)

National Ranking: 38 (October 2013)


Years Main Highlights 

Awarded Boyce Medal for best and fairest female tennis player in South Australia

Gained WTA Singles Ranking

Winner doubles, Usak, Turkey, 10,000 ITF 14th August

Leah Daw FH2

I am 21 years of age and have grown up in Adelaide, South Australia. Since the age of 14 I have focussed on tennis. The last two years I have played on the International Tennis Federation Professional Circuit competing in tournaments in Australia and in Europe. This year I gained my singles world ranking and reached my highest doubles ranking of 548.  2014 I plan to compete on the Australian tour and overseas. My goals for the year are to reach top 300 in doubles and top 500 in singles.


Leah Daw BH shot

Experience with iNform Athletic Development

I began working with Max Martin at iNform in December 2012. Max and I have worked together to develop a strength and conditioning program suited specifically for my tennis.

My schedule for tennis requires me to travel overseas and around Australia for long periods of time. While I am in Adelaide I work with Max twice a week. When travelling I have a program designed by Max to follow.

The most important thing that I have gained from working with iNform is knowledge about body awareness and body management skills. This knowledge helped me immensely when travelling.  I can owe iNform to the fact that I survived 7 months overseas competing at a high level of tennis without any serious injuries.

When overseas I amalso in constant contact with Max. Any physical related issues I have I am only a phone call or email away from help.

iNform has also proved great help when I have had injuries. They have provided advice on getting the best treatment and diagnosis  depending on the injury and worked together with a specialist that I choose to see (physio, chiropractor, podiatrist) on the best way to treat the problem.

I am very grateful to all the time and help that iNform has given me. They are a valuable part of my tennis team. I really believe that iNform supports me and that they are passionate and committed to helping me reach my tennis goals.