Performance Needs Assessment

We Believe

Your body is the most amazing machine in the universe. And in your sport you push it to its limits and need it to keep performing at its best.

Through it you experience the world, physically and emotionally, thanks to a series of delicately balanced processes and systems. It is exquisite engineering and when it works well you hardly notice it.

What makes this machine doubly amazing Is that you can deprive it of the nutrients, sleep, exercise and recovery strategies it needs to maintain perfect function, and it works harder to adapt and can still perform well for weeks and months (sometimes years!) on end.

We Know

Your body has natural limits and will send signals to you when it is in distress – small niggles start to appear, performance starts to plateau, fatigue will become your usual state, and it seems that the harder you try, the worse it all gets.

You can help your body restore itself physically and emotionally through simple changes to daily habits and routines, and some guidance and encouragement from an informed partner who understands your body’s physiology and needs, and the reality of juggling sport with the other demands that life presents.

Your Next Move

When you are ready to make the decision to take back control of your most fundamental resource – your body – talk with us first so we can explain to you our research and evidence-based approach to helping you perform at your best.