Are you prepared for your obstacle course event?

Are you doing everything in your power to prepare for your obstacle event?

Are you doing everything in your power to prepare for your obstacle event?

Obstacle courses are a fundamental component of physical conditioning for tactical athletes, and they are now a popular form of competitive fitness event. With this mind, we felt it was time to have a brief discussion on how to prepare for obstacle course success. whether it be for occupational or recreational purposes.

The first physical component of successfully negotiating obstacles (and arguably the most important) is technique. Most demanding obstacles become much more achievable when the most efficient technique has been identified and practiced. Covering such techniques for all possible obstacles is obviously outside the scope of a short blog article such as this, however it’s prudent that we highlight the importance of this component of physical preparation. Most tactical athletes will have training in these techniques, however for the civilians out there performing in Obstacle Race Events, this type of instruction may not be available.

Other than technique, what physical components of obstacle negotiation are there, and can we train them? Obstacles provide complex physical challenges, and we rely on a number of ‘fitness’ components to succeed in overcoming them. The major components required to get through an obstacle course are strength, power, agility, mobility and conditioning (both metabolic, and muscular endurance).

These attributes are not only required to perform the obstacles at the peak of your performance, but also to reduce the risk of injury should your technique be lacking (very common at times of physical and mental fatigue!). A simple way to think of these attributes is as giving yourself a physical performance insurance policy.

It’s important that you ensure your training program has the requisite balance of these physical components if you are to be prepared for the challenge of an obstacle event. This can be a daunting prospect, so we highly recommend you seek the services of an experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach or Trainer to assist with the balancing of your training routine.

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