Don’t forget to mobilise: the importance of improving mobility and range of motion

When it comes to training and we are even slightly time restricted, it’s almost always the warm up that suffers. We would much rather skip our mobility work and jump straight into the actual training session as it is often deemed more important. And really, I can understand it. Mobility work is arguably the least […]

Why stretching works (despite what you hear on the internet): how to stretch effectively

Foam rolling (among a host of other forms of self-myofascial release techniques) have become exceedingly popular over the last few years, and as a result, it is no longer cool to stretch. Unfortunately, this has also somewhat coincided with the publication of a few studies suggesting that static stretching can reduce power output, and as […]

Thoracic Spine Mobility is Important – But How do We Improve it?

‘Thoracic mobility’ (OR T-spine mobility, depending on who you talk to) is one of the buzzwords in the health and fitness industry at the moment. And for good reason. Poor mobility of the thoracic spine can lead to a number of dysfunctions, including low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Poor thoracic mobility can […]

Exercise Regressions and Progressions

The other day I was at the gym training and got caught watching an individual perform TRX push ups with god awful (I mean GOD AWFUL) form. We’re talking severe hyperextension of the lower back, scaps winging all over the place and approximately zero stability anywhere. Not that TRX push ups are a bad exercise, […]

Foam Rolling and the Research Behind It

Most people have a bit of a love hate relationship with their foam roller. They seem to make you feel and move better, but tend to also cause a fair bit of discomfort. In the following little post i hope to take a brief look at foam rolling, and what the recent research tells about […]