Movement Quality and Endurance Performance

The importance of how we move has become increasingly apparent over the last decade, with movement quality known to have pretty significant implications in regards to both injury prevention and pain management (which I have written about extensively HERE). In short, we have the capacity to develop unwanted movement compensations in response to inactivity, extended […]

Don’t forget to mobilise: the importance of improving mobility and range of motion

When it comes to training and we are even slightly time restricted, it’s almost always the warm up that suffers. We would much rather skip our mobility work and jump straight into the actual training session as it is often deemed more important. And really, I can understand it. Mobility work is arguably the least […]

Cardiovascular exercise for the strength athlete: A key to improving performance

Cardiovascular exercise has copped a huge amount of flack in recent years, with various gym crowds suggesting that participating in too much aerobic activity (or often any at all) is a sure fire way to lose all of your hard earned gains (ultimately reducing your capacity to build muscle and develop strength). The result has […]