Hip extension during squats and deadlifts: How much is too much?

We know that when it comes to producing the strength and power necessary for successful athletic performance, the glutes are absolutely essential. They produce the rapid extension at the hip that is essential for a HUGE array of athletic movements (and tasks of daily living, while we are discussing their importance), while also providing a […]

Don’t forget to mobilise: the importance of improving mobility and range of motion

When it comes to training and we are even slightly time restricted, it’s almost always the warm up that suffers. We would much rather skip our mobility work and jump straight into the actual training session as it is often deemed more important. And really, I can understand it. Mobility work is arguably the least […]

The Importance of preparing yourself physically

Remember back when you were a kid, preparing for a game of tag (chasie, etc. etc… you know what I mean). It would start with a group of 20-30 kids, all standing in a circle coercing some poor soul into being ‘it’ first. Once that person was decided on (often by whatever means necessary…) you […]

Low Bar VS High Bar Squatting – Whats the Difference?

Within the health and fitness industry there are a few truths that are (in my humble opinion) undeniable. 1)      To promote fat loss, you need to maintain a weekly energy deficit. 2)      To improve performance, you need to train for strength and power. 3)      Strong and active glutes are integral to the health of the […]

The Importance of Exercise Selection: Risk VS Reward

I have a number of staples in my training programs. You can guarantee that most of my clients (and myself included) will perform some sort of squat, hinge, single leg squat, push, and pull. Pretty simple really. But this does not mean that every client deadlifts from the floor. It doesn’t mean that every client […]

Sprinting for strength, power, athleticism, and fat loss

It doesn’t matter if you are a high level athlete, a weekend warrior or completely new to the gym. Sprinting should be a key component of your training program. Not only is sprint speed a very important factor for athletic success, the act of sprinting can help promote fat loss, increase our strength, and improve our overall […]

Glute Activation to Maximize Performance!

Strong glutes are absolutely integral to athletic performance performance by allowing us to change direction and accelerate quicker, sprint faster, and jump higher and further. Strong glutes also play a key role providing stability to the hip, which also reduces the load through placed on the lumbar spine during movement. This can lower injury risk, and reduce our likelihood  of developing […]

Single Leg Training. A Surefire Way to Improve Performance.

Squats and deadlifts are fantastic exercises. They are fundamental motor patterns, they have the capacity increase strength and lean muscle mass, they have the potential to improve negative postural deviations, all while improving our overall athleticism! Despite that, I do feel that we can occasionally fall into a bit of a cycle where we become a little one […]

Unstable surface training. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

In more recent times, unstable surface training has risen in popularity. A lot.  Now you cant walk two steps into a gym without seeing someone squatting on a foam mat, or balancing on a squishy disc. These tools are often said to facilitate ‘functional’ training. But most people don’t know that these tools were introduced to facilitate rehabilitation […]

Endurance Athletes NEED Strength Training

Strength Training and Endurance Performance Endurance athletes love training long distances. Often described as time in the saddle, it often consists of large amounts of time dedicated to moving slowly over large distances. While this has been a staple of many endurance athletes training for many years, it may not be the most logical option. […]