Hip extension during squats and deadlifts: How much is too much?

We know that when it comes to producing the strength and power necessary for successful athletic performance, the glutes are absolutely essential. They produce the rapid extension at the hip that is essential for a HUGE array of athletic movements (and tasks of daily living, while we are discussing their importance), while also providing a […]

Low Bar VS High Bar Squatting – Whats the Difference?

Within the health and fitness industry there are a few truths that are (in my humble opinion) undeniable. 1)      To promote fat loss, you need to maintain a weekly energy deficit. 2)      To improve performance, you need to train for strength and power. 3)      Strong and active glutes are integral to the health of the […]

Single Leg Training. A Surefire Way to Improve Performance.

Squats and deadlifts are fantastic exercises. They are fundamental motor patterns, they have the capacity increase strength and lean muscle mass, they have the potential to improve negative postural deviations, all while improving our overall athleticism! Despite that, I do feel that we can occasionally fall into a bit of a cycle where we become a little one […]

Should the Knees Travel Over the Toes During the Squat?

How often are you at the gym and hear someone coaching the squat, spouting coaching cues like ‘sit back as far as you can’, ‘keep a vertical shin’, don’t let your knees pass the toes etc. All promoting the common misconception that if your knees track over your toes during a loaded squat they will spontaneously […]