Hip extension during squats and deadlifts: How much is too much?

We know that when it comes to producing the strength and power necessary for successful athletic performance, the glutes are absolutely essential. They produce the rapid extension at the hip that is essential for a HUGE array of athletic movements (and tasks of daily living, while we are discussing their importance), while also providing a […]

Improving Movement Quality: Training to Move Better

The importance of movement quality cannot be denied – we know that how we move as individuals can greatly impact both our risk of injury, and our capacity for physical performance – within this it becomes obvious that those who demonstrate higher measures of movement quality are less likely to get injured, while also having […]

Don’t forget to mobilise: the importance of improving mobility and range of motion

When it comes to training and we are even slightly time restricted, it’s almost always the warm up that suffers. We would much rather skip our mobility work and jump straight into the actual training session as it is often deemed more important. And really, I can understand it. Mobility work is arguably the least […]

Real life stability training

Real life stability training When most people think of stability based training, their minds automatically jump to bosu balls, half foam rollers, and rubber mats. While these tools may have merit in rehabilitation and very low grade exercise settings, they aren’t really the most effective way to improve stability from a sports performance (or real […]

Training to improve agility

When most of us think of agility, we think back to our primary school fitness tests, during which we had the absolute pleasure of undertaking the beep test, the sit and reach flexibility test, and of course, the Illinois Agility Run. Now while I would be the first to admit that the Illinois agility test […]

Why females shouldn’t fear heavy weights: The myth of female specific training

Misinformation runs rampant within the health and fitness industry. While it is not ideal, it is unfortunately an unyielding truth that we have to come with terms with. Here at iNform we take the time to educate our clients, ensuring that they completely understand what they are doing, and for what reason. Often part of […]

Sprint your way to athletic! How to implement sprinting into your training

Sprinting in itself is an essential skill for anyone who competes regularly (or irregularly for that matter) in athletic endeavors; irrespective of training level or competitive status. That is a given. But what is less commonly known, is that the act of sprinting can be used as a training tool to 1) maximize athletic performance, and […]

Using offset loading to improve athleticism

In what feels like a never ending journey to find the best ways to build, strong, powerful, and agile athletes, we often seek out new training techniques to optimise the results of our training. Now a bit of a disclaimer: I am firm believer that the basics will get you almost all of the way. […]

The Importance of Quality Movement

Here at inform we place an absolute premium on function. For most, this means restoring range of movement to joints that are lacking mobility, and ensuring that the right muscles are firing correctly during movement (ultimately ensuring that they are doing their job). Once those two factors have been achieved, we can then move on […]

The Importance of preparing yourself physically

Remember back when you were a kid, preparing for a game of tag (chasie, etc. etc… you know what I mean). It would start with a group of 20-30 kids, all standing in a circle coercing some poor soul into being ‘it’ first. Once that person was decided on (often by whatever means necessary…) you […]