Why ‘sports specific’ training shouldn’t have a place in the gym

Working within an area where improving physical and athletic performance is key, we frequently get asked ‘how does this relate to my sport?’ (Among a number of other similar variations). This is a question that also comes frequently from parents, who are ultimately asking ‘when will you start doing *insert sport here* specific training?’ – […]

Real life stability training

Real life stability training When most people think of stability based training, their minds automatically jump to bosu balls, half foam rollers, and rubber mats. While these tools may have merit in rehabilitation and very low grade exercise settings, they aren’t really the most effective way to improve stability from a sports performance (or real […]

Training to improve agility

When most of us think of agility, we think back to our primary school fitness tests, during which we had the absolute pleasure of undertaking the beep test, the sit and reach flexibility test, and of course, the Illinois Agility Run. Now while I would be the first to admit that the Illinois agility test […]

Why females shouldn’t fear heavy weights: The myth of female specific training

Misinformation runs rampant within the health and fitness industry. While it is not ideal, it is unfortunately an unyielding truth that we have to come with terms with. Here at iNform we take the time to educate our clients, ensuring that they completely understand what they are doing, and for what reason. Often part of […]

Strength training to improve endurance performance

Endurance athletes love long distances. This typically holds true for the training methods prioritised by endurance athletes (where most place a premium on long distance, steady state exercise). When training with long distances, the most typical form of progression used is an increase in distance. Now increasing distance is a somewhat illogical form of progression […]

Athletic Development for Youth Athletes

When people think of strength and conditioning, and as an extension, athlete development, their minds automatically jump to elite level competitors throwing around weights that most of us could only dream of. While I won’t argue that this is certainly an aspect of strength and conditioning in its entirety (if not a somewhat glorified one), […]

The Importance of preparing yourself physically

Remember back when you were a kid, preparing for a game of tag (chasie, etc. etc… you know what I mean). It would start with a group of 20-30 kids, all standing in a circle coercing some poor soul into being ‘it’ first. Once that person was decided on (often by whatever means necessary…) you […]

The Importance of Exercise Selection: Risk VS Reward

I have a number of staples in my training programs. You can guarantee that most of my clients (and myself included) will perform some sort of squat, hinge, single leg squat, push, and pull. Pretty simple really. But this does not mean that every client deadlifts from the floor. It doesn’t mean that every client […]

Training VS Exercising: Whats the Difference?

There are many different ways to describe the attempts and efforts we make to improve our body composition or physical capacity, but ‘Exercising’ and ‘Training’ are hands down the two most common terms I personally hear on a daily basis. And so what, right? People can call it whatever they want, if it refers to […]